FranchiseRe Products and Services

Our products and services include:

  1. Box Office Forecasting / Modeling:  How will a movie perform at the domestic and international box office?  Based on our proprietary database of all wide releases, we deliver actionable and cost-efficient insights at every step:  green-light, production, budgeting, marketing, and distribution.  Vastly superior to tracking, at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Competitive Positioning:  Where does a movie stand against the competition?  We identify each film’s marketing strengths and weaknesses at all stages vis-à-vis competitive movies, with opening and ultimate box office forecasts for domestic and international.  Every movie is the Same-But-DifferentⓇ — locate the right balance between the two.
  3. Dating:  What is the best release date?  We assess a film’s opening date options against competitive releases in the same window, with opening and ultimate box office forecasts for domestic and international.
  4. Research Press Screenings:  How will a movie be received by critics and by the editorial press?  With our partner Robertson Taylor Partners, we provide two types of screenings:

The Critics Screener:  For big films and small films, broad-appeal and indie, projects a movie’s critical reception and Tomatometer score based on a confidential screening among 12 leading film critics, with our particular experience simulating Rotten Tomatoes’ algorithm and critical process.  Equally as important as recruited audience screenings, and for many films more important.

The Editorial Screener:  Explores a movie’s editorial press positioning, including editorial strengths and weaknesses, as well as a vetting of potential editorial stories and challenges, based on a confidential screening among 12 experienced press editors.  Again, for all films big and small, broad-appeal and indie.

Above all we value working with our clients to find innovative and cost-effective solutions to address unique needs and interests.