About FranchiseRe

Franchise Entertainment Research, Inc. — FranchiseRe — provides strategic intelligence and consulting to the movie industry.  Our expertise is wide release movies.

We are best known for two things:

1) the FranchiseRe weekend movie box office newsletter, where we share our proprietary numbers, insights and analysis.  You can find it here;

2) the FranchiseRe Early Capability and Positioning Study, informing individual film planning, budgeting, and market positioning, starting at the earliest stages of development, through release.

Our work is based on our own unique analytic paradigm, on our own database, and on our own statistical modeling.  We bring decades of theatrical movie marketing experience to our analysis.

Our research focuses on what moviegoers do at the box office, not what they think or feel or say.  Survey research based on opinions and attitudes is unreliable and expensive.  What counts is moviegoers’ behavior.

Today, virtually every film has some connection to established intellectual property, or has the opportunity to establish itself as such.  Every movie is the Same-But-DifferentⓇ — these are its strengths and weaknesses.  This is the state-of-the-commercial-art now.

FranchiseRe is quoted regularly by The New York Times, Variety, Associated Press, The Times of London, Agence France-Presse, and other leading publications.

Our team includes experienced executives, researchers, and consultants who have worked on all sides of the business:

David A. Gross

David Gross brings 30 years of studio marketing and theatrical research experience to FranchiseRe.


As an executive, David has held senior marketing positions at 20th Century Fox, The Walt Disney Studios, MGM/UA, HBO, and The National Research Group Europe (NRG). 

Between executive positions, David founded, edited and published Movie Review Intelligence, considered the most accurate movie review website available, quoted regularly by the NY Times, LA Times, Associated Press, Roger Ebert, et al.  

As a consultant working with Screen Engine, MarketCast and OTx, David launched movie tracking studies in the US and abroad and helped advance innovative research methodologies and approaches to maximize client insight in the most cost-effective ways.

A member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, David has a degree in Classics from Brown University and lives in Santa Monica, California.


Meg Recko
Design & Analysis

Meg Recko brings 20 years of theatrical market research experience to FranchiseRe.


While attaining her psychology degree with an emphasis on research and statistics, Meg decided to combine her love of research with her love of movies in a career in market research for film.  Meg moved to LA and started out in the coding department at the National Research Group (NRG) and quickly rose to carve out a key role in designing surveys with clients, writing banner requests, authoring toplines, determining norms, etc., for the majority of projects NRG was working on at any given time.

During her tenure at NRG, Meg helped the organization smoothly transition several core processes, for example, moving from shipping paper and video tape surveys to online programmed surveys with video files.  Helping clients and coworkers alike, Meg was a go-to for expertise on how to write a troublesome questionnaire and a dependable resource for information and history on previous testing approaches.  In recent years, she has sharpened her analytic skills working on screening reports as a consultant.

Meg attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University. 


Robertson Taylor Partners
Press Screenings

Ric Robertson and Jonathan Taylor are Robertson Taylor Partners, strategic thinkers and accomplished professionals…


…with a proven track record of helping their film and entertainment clients reach their goals.  Ric Robertson spent 30-plus years as senior executive at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, most of it leading day-to-day operations, giving him unparalleled insight into how in-the-spotlight industry associations and high-profile events work.  Jonathan Taylor is a former entertainment journalist, having held senior editorial positions at the Los Angeles Times, Variety and other outlets, and PR executive with successful executive level Corp Comm and PR positions.  Together they bring strong media relations expertise, a hands-on work ethic, and a focus on demonstrable results to FranchiseRE.

RTP is informed by their partners’ particular perspective on the entertainment industry, providing consulting that focuses on boosting bottom lines effectively and efficiently, helping clients connect the dots that are needed to prosper.  Visit RobertsonTaylorPartners.com.


Josephine Scanlon
Analyst / Editor

Analyst, editor and writer, Josephine Scanlon brings meticulous diagnostic skills to FranchiseRe


…honed during her years writing and editing non-fiction books and later editing movie reviews for Movie Review Intelligence.  A life-long lover of movies with a Master’s Degree in English from Fordham University, Josephine loves nothing more than sitting in her home office in upstate New York, and thinking and writing about how and why movies work, and what it means for audiences around the world.



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